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This story is about using the high technology to make it in such a way that human is having magical/super power. Human makes use of this power to do the wonders.

The main purpose of this book, it is for some reading entertainment, and it did carry some weight of expressing his believe that the some parts of the story could be one day in the near future, become our daily life. The author wishes to say “life will be more beautiful the next day”

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chapter Two – The Farm – The Farm D-Day Name Designer Sunglasses and Eyewear Delivered Fast!  120x600 bannerRay was on the way to rescue someone, someone he was not really willingly to do it.  He did it out from someone he was deeply in love.  The high speed sound of the wind, brushing his ears, his toes lightly touched on only clean rock without any attachments, avoiding the highly fearful, creepy and erring insects. The touching of the rock by his toes, sending him high up to the top of the giant and with height of durian tree, it was these rocks and those other top of the big and high up durian trees.  It was those other fruit trees tips of branches and those other fruit tree trucks and leaves.  It was a beautiful scene from far to look at Ray. He was a bird, a fashionable bird having many fashionable flying styles over here and there.
The capability of lightning speed of movement, making his body super light and the weightless body of him, he could fly like a bird, possibly higher and faster than them.  He was looking and searching, He found him, he picked him up from a pile of nasty insects and shook him vigorously in an attempt to shake off those insects attacked him and attached to his body. The insects were only attacked by injecting deadly poison when biting.  Ray made sure that Peter Mark was free from insects; it was still, he was careful enough, picking him by holding his clothing without body contacts and flied off to the farm house.
Grandma and Alice came out from the cave by the help of “turtle” boat, they were alight on the land and within seconds turtles and others were gone and disappeared out from sights.  Grandma wanted o go direct to the farm house in front of Alice. Alice stopped her and said “Grandma, walk behind me, something is not accounted for” Grandma asked “What?” Alice “I have picked up extremely unfriendly messages” Grandma “From the ants or beetles?”  Alice “none of them” Alice was carefully stepping forward and concentrating.
Grandma “Alice, say something” Alice “Please, Grandma I just intercepted messages of, kill them, poison them, dry them up and it is repeating.  They are not communicating to me; they act like soldiers, marching and repeating those words and these words, destroy everything, dead drop them, not anywhere but farm house and those everything on the way”
Grandma realized the seriousness of the situation; she followed carefully the footsteps of Alice.  It was near the farm house.  Alice stopped moving forward and Grandma followed and looked forward.  There were ugly, fearful with glowing color creatures, thousands and millions of them, surrounding the farm house.  Fears was attacking to Alice in her deepest heart, feels of lost in all directions and none whatsoever any decision she could have, standing there like a statue.  She was about to give up hope and called it the end of her life and break the news to Grandma.  Stopping her to do so, it was by the movements and activities of those creatures.
Those creatures were making eerie noises then moved sideways and leaving a clear path leading to the farm house, there were creatures moved too slowly, they turned turtle and self burnt with strong flame couple with boom of explosion.
Alice was still hesitating, un-deciding of what to do.  She picked up a clear message and it was a human voice, it was Jessie who communicating to her by brain wave “Alice, don’t worry walk through the passage and bring along your Grandma to your house”
The farm house, the living hall, there were Peter Mark, Andrew Mark, his wife and others, Jessie and Ray.  Grandma and Alice saw Peter was lying down on the floor, his clothing were torn into pieces, visibly of blood stains all over his body, there were something else, moving under his skin, there were some on his legs and hands and some were on his body, they were moving at a very slow speed. He was suffering and answered with pain for the questions posed by Andrew “I don’t expect it was this way, they told me and I did agree on the condition of scaring you all off, that’s all, please do trust me”
Grandma flared “You..! Useless son, you did push me off in the cruise ship?”  Peter pleaded for forgiveness “Ma, I did push you a little so that you would fell off on the floor, but you lost your balance.  Ma, it was not my intention to harm you but to scare you that harm would eventually happen to you all” Andrew fiercely asked “What did you do now? Why there are so many creatures outside the house and fruit trees were destroyed?” Peter “They were not suppose to harm anyone, they are dna modified worms and they are suppose to attacked fruit trees for only unable to do fruiting”
Alice knew Jessie had some form of power and she begged “Please, Miss….” Jessie interrupted her and said “I am Jessie and my friend is Ray” Alice acknowledged and asked again “Please Miss Jessie, help my uncle, he is dying” Jessie just shook her head and Peter took over “Alice ...thanks ...but it’s no use, the deformed warms either have evolved not according to its original intended purpose or I was tricked to believe of its original intentions” Alice was having a crying voice “Uncle, why you have to do it?” Peter looked highly exhausted and greatly in pain “debts have been accumulated and become huge! They promised it would do only scarily tactics until the farm is sold” Andrew said emotionless “served you right, you are taking your own medicine!” Grandma said in grieved “Why must you gamble! None of your brothers and sisters gambles except you!”
Situation was gloomy in the living hall; it was deadly silent and covered with erring and creepy noises from the creatures outside.  Screams of pain broke the silent from Peter; the movements of the creatures under his skin became intensified.  Intensive movements stopped, followed by explosive boom like fire crackers all over Peter body thereafter strong and fiercely flame of greenish in color burnt Peter into ashes in just seconds.
Movements of creature outside intensifying, Jessie wait no further, she started to get everyone in the hall be seated on the floor.  Each of them hand held hand, right hand to left hand, starting from Jessie, Ray and the rests, forming a circle.
The farm house was covered up by some kind of force-field in a semi-globe shape with mufti color like rainbow.  The creatures were marching towards the force-field.  The glowing was getting stronger and brighter, the moment they went into the force-field, they turned turtle and exploded.  They did not stop and kept on going into the force-field, they were millions and it was one wave follow by another. The explosion was getting stronger and louder, the flame from greenish to purple red and they were as high as few tens meter. The farm house was unharmed and Alice picked up repeating massages “dead or alive, destroy them all, things or human, those on the way”
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chapter Two – The Farm – The Farm Guests

A car was advancing from main road, entering to the farm bumpy road.  Ray Trent was driving; Jessie Will was seated at the front passenger seat.  Ray “Jessie why we are here and we have to take more than ten hours of flight” Jessie “Driving, keep on, worry no, didn’t I tell you?  We have a mission over here” Ray “Ok, ok” Ray was as usual, he did not want to clash with Jessie but kept silent and concentrated on his driving, the road was really bumpy and winding which was also required his full attention.
Jessie whispered to Ray to have a sudden halt of the car.  She was trying to hear something and trying to search something around the fruits tree, bushes, small heap of earth and others which were surrounding their car position. Ray said nothing but watched.  The way he observed, it must have something. He stopped the running of the car engine.  He was trying to reduce noises in order to increase hearing sense and helped Jessie to detect. 
Jessie “Something is terribly wrong over this area and the farm” She looked at Ray “I don’t understand, there is contradicting force, one is to destroy all and kill at no mercy. The other, it has no intention to harm but to play tricks to scare off and to serve as warning” Ray turned his head swiftly and his eyesight peeped deeply into the far end of the farm and moved from the right hand side to his back. Jessie noticed and asked “Ray, something at the far end?” Ray answered “something moved or rather someone, possibly it was a man”
Ray saw something at the back, he re-started the car engine. Jessie also detected and asked Ray to move forward the car with full power.  The car moved forward, the trees fell on the space the car was just moved.  The car moved and the tree fell, it was on and on for a few minutes.  Ray stopped the car, he looked Jessie and Jessie looked at him. Both of them opened the car doors; get down the car at the same time.
The whole area of the farm, many of the fruit treed were fell down.  The farm road was blocked by the fallen trees and there were no other access road toward the farm house.  Jessie and Ray had a closer look, all the fallen trees, they were dried up and the leaves were also drying up at a very fast speed. Those fallen trees at back of the car were also drying up, tree trucks drying and then follow the leaves were starting to dry. Over the far end of the farm, it was nothing happen.  It was only those fruit trees along the farm road leading to the farm house and those nearby were affected.
Ray was completely distracted by the unnaturally phenomenal series of scenes.  Jessie stared at him and smile, her mind tickling with voices and her heart pumping with feelings “Ray is a boy who hardly shown his true feelings to anyone he was acquainted. It is his way of protecting his well beings and safeguard himself from attacks, physically, mentally, financially and most of all, harming his true love and feelings.  However right at this very moment, he has shown none of any reservations.  He is giving all out to her”
Ray was holding Jessie tightly face to face out from subconsciously and naturally.  The reflection is voluntarily to protect Jessie from any dangers. He had done it without a second thought.  Jessie whispered to his ear “Ray, I could hardly breathe” The whispering brought back Ray and he was about to release Jessie from his string grip.  Jessie held him lightly and whispered again “don’t move away from me” The second whispering struck Ray and awakened him fully.
Jessie and Ray were surrounded by unnamed insects or rather creatures, thousands of them.  The insects circling them and it seemed they were unable to get pass unseen boundary of circle.  Ray noticed that and he knew it was Jessie who had used her power to block those insect to get across. Ray “Where were they came from?” Jessie knew he was not expecting answer and said “Ray, look at them.  They are changing colors, they are having three colors, white, reddish grey and darkish red and repeating following sequence back to starting of white” Ray added “They are glowing too”
A fearful and tone of life threading scream, it was from the direction when Ray saw a shadow passed his right to the back.  Jessie instructed “Ray, carry and hold me, using your speed and send me to the farm house, there are situation over there and I have to be there soonest possible.  Thereafter, go over to save that silly and poor guy” Ray held her tightly, dashing with lightning speed, on the way he asked with high speed sound of wind passing by “Do we know that guy?”  Jessie “Yes we do, he was the one who pushed Grandma to fall from the waterfalls of the cruise ship”
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